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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein Written Update, March 28, 2023: Pakhi reproaches Sai

The judge requests to begin the proceeding at the beginning of the show. According to Pakhi’s attorney, Sai deliberately removed Pakhi’s uterus to exact vengeance on her and prevent her from ever having children. Pakhi claims that Sai and Pulkit shouldn’t have called physicians because they made me a burden on my family by having a hysterectomy as retaliation. The court asks Sai and Pulkit if they have any further comments.

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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein

Sai claims Pakhi is incorrect in her allegations against us, and since it was an emergency, we had to operate to save her. With approval, Satya queries Sai and Pulkit about their protocol violations. We took action to preserve the patient’s life because Sai said it was an emergency. Satya queries why you prevented the patient’s death. They swear to save a patient’s life, according to Sai. The judge supports Sai and inquires Satya as to why he is posing such a query.

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Satya claims he wishes to provide evidence that Sai and Pulkit performed their duties effectively. According to the lawyer, the surgeons had to perform the operation twice, demonstrating their incapacity. Sai said they performed the second operation due to Pakhi’s negligence. The attorney inquires about Sai’s evidence. Virat claims he is evidence. He informs the judge that Pakhi failed to take a break and that her negligence led to the second surgery. Virat has the backing of his family. The judge queries Pakhi as to whether what Virat is stating is accurate. Yes, Pakhi says, but Sai made me stop taking my medications because she broke me entirely and wanted to take my son and spouse away from me, which is why Sai had my hysterectomy. Sai claims she is not interested in Virat, so let’s talk about the situation. Sai claims that while performing the surgery, she was unaware that Pakhi’s adopted boy was also her biological son.

The attorney asks Sai why she stays at her ex-husband’s home if she is uninterested in Virat. According to Sai, I’m remaining at Chavan nivas for my son, not Virat. The attorney states that you are interested in my client’s family. The attorney requests that you revoke Sai’s doctor’s license and send this case to the criminal court because Sai admitted her interest. As a result, she operated carelessly on my client and removed her uterus. To demonstrate that Pakhi’s attorney is right, Satya requests permission from the judge. The judge permits him.

Satya asks Virat whether he performed CPR on Sai as Pakhi claimed. Yes, replies Virat. Satya questions Virat about how they discovered Pakhi. According to Virat, after traveling to the forest, we witnessed Sai battling the crocodile to save Pakhi. As there is no evidence, it could also be incorrect, according to Pakhi. Satya requests approval from the court to question Pakhi and vows to disprove Sai. Bhavani explains Satya’s opposition to Sai. Virat claims that Satya and Sai don’t get along. How does Pakhi perceive Sai personally? Questions Satya.

The episode is over.

Dr. Satya confronts Pakhi with challenging questions that force her to disclose her true motivations. The judge rules to Sai’s advantage. Congrats from Virat to Sai. In agony, Pakhi travels alone.

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