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Written Update for Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein, March 25, 2023: Sai is expelled

Pakhi declares at the show’s beginning that Sai needs to get out of the city and force her to get her identity, or else she will steal Sai’s identity as a doctor. Pakhi is Virat’s wife and Vishnu’s mother. Chavans is startled. Pakhi states that her choice is definitive. Listen to my choice as well, Sai says. She claims that although you are attempting to intimidate me by disparaging my line of work to separate me from Vinu, I will remain with Vinu and battle for the truth because I know in my heart that everything I did for you was right. I will use the legal system to establish my innocence so that you must bear the consequences of your false accusations.

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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein

As Dr. Surva reads the file, Satya remarks, “This case is starting to look like pati patni aur wo.” According to Surva, Pulkit is a well-known senior doctor who is also engaged in it. Satya says this can entirely be between Sai, Pakhi, and Virat. He claims that Sai might also lose her medical licensure and that the medical council might be able to assist her. You’re a component of it, according to Surva; why can’t you aid Sai? Satya declines, stating that she opposes favoritism and is committed to the truth. When Sai arrives, he tells Satya, “You are correct.” Satya adjourns. Surva informs Sai that she has been placed on administrative leave because, by hospital policy, she cannot work there until she establishes her innocence in court. Sai promises to show her innocence in court.

Sai prepares her belongings in her stateroom. Rani arrives and feels terrible for Sai. She claims that while she is confident in your innocence, she worries that Satya will mistakenly accuse you due to his problems with you. Sai observes. They emerge and listen to the patients making fun of Sai. They are cautioned not to disparage Sai by Rani.

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At home, Virat meets with a lawyer and informs him that Sai and Pulkit will use him as proof. Upon seeing it, Pakhi departs. Sai goes back home. She meets the lawyer on Virat’s orders. Sai informs Viray that she would like to speak with him. They move apart. If he helps, Pakhi will lose her cool, Sai tells him, adding that she doesn’t need his assistance. Virat claims to be in favor of the truth. Sai says there’s no need and that she will battle to defend her honor. She goes.

Later, Sai puts Savi to bed. Sai remembers how her patients have been criticizing her. She promises the photograph of her father and that she won’t allow anyone to steal the Doctor’s name from her. Satya gives her a phone call. She shows up. She is invited to meet Satya, he says. Why, at this odd hour, Sai queries. If she wishes to keep her license, Satya insists she must come. Virat receives a call from attorney Mishra informing him that a member of the medical council has been dispatched to look into the matter. Thank you, Virat. Pakhi queries why he favors his ex-wife divorcing his current spouse. According to Virat, you tricked me, but by doing this, you’re driving me away while still giving yourself time to reverse course and resolve the issue. Pakhi declines to accept the container back. You’re looking down in my eyes, Virat says as he walks away.

Satya probes Sai. He comments that it’s an exciting situation and inquires whether she is unaware that doctors cannot perform surgery on family members. Virat arrives and clarifies that Pakhi’s accusations against Sai are untrue. He provided evidence of Sai’s advantage. Satya queries the purpose of his explanation. Virat states that as a member of the medical council, you are in charge of this case. Satya is dubious and queries how he obtained the knowledge.

The episode is over.

Savi questions Virat about why he is interrogating her so much. She asks Sai if she’s having any issues because she’s tense. Everything is excellent, says Virat, and I’ll take care of it. Satya needs to maintain his balance and trips. Everyone yells for a drink. Sai observes his condition.

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