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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 19th March 2023 Written Update!!

At the beginning of the show, Sai takes Vinayak to her cabin. She tells him what she does and how she checks on her patients. She asks him to check on her and then goes to sleep on the bed. There, Satya goes. Sai gets up suddenly after seeing him and slips. Satya picks her up. Sai tells him in anger to leave her alone. He lets her fall to the ground. Sai gets angry. The nokhjokh between Sai and Satya goes on.  Follow our website, yojanashakti.com, for the latest updates!!!!

The Nurse tells Sai that people are waiting. Sai tells her that they need to go inside. Satya says that she needs to see a doctor first. Sai asks the Nurse if there is another Doctor who can help. Satya says that he is the only person in the world. He is asked if he is Dr. Headache by Vinu. Sai talks about saying no. Vinu tells Satya to see how Sai is doing. Satya looks at Sai’s feet while Sai helps him. The Nurse writes it down. Satya puts Sai’s feet in place by turning it. First, Sai tells him to stop treating her like that. She gets out of bed and walks like nothing is wrong. Sai smiles. Satya says, “I’m a good doctor, so don’t doubt me.” Vinu says that Dr. Satya is a cool doctor. Satya says that Dr. Chikdu is your aunt Sai. Sai looks sad.

Later, Sai asks Nurse to come the next morning early. She asks her to clean the tools in the delivery room. There, Satya goes. He asks Vinu to look after him and his patient. Sai is looking at him. He asks Nurse Skeleton if she would like to be picked up. Sheetal says she will. Another nurse tells her that she must be there early the next day. Sheetal says she’ll do it and then leaves.

Vinu gets Pakhi’s video call. Vinu attends it. Pakhi asks him what he did to get ready for his talk. He says with a smile that he learned a lot at Sai’s hospital and will give the best performance. He shows Sai to her. Pakhi doesn’t like it. She tries to get her point across. Vinu says they have to go somewhere and then hangs up the phone.

Virat makes the room look nice. Pakhi calls him. Virat answers the call and says that he is waiting for her call. Pakhi asks if he has forgotten what she told him. She says that I told you to kick Sai out of the house, but you sent Vinu to the hospital with Sai without telling him. Virat says that he sent Vinu to get a taste of real life. Pakhi says that she knows what he really wants. Virat tells her to stop and to come back soon to see the treat he has planned for her. Pakhi tells him it’s pointless to talk to him and hangs up.

Vinu and Virat make pizza at a tent outside. Vinu asks Savi how she liked working with Virat. Savi says it’s a dull day with nothing happening. Virat says that’s how the cops work. He asks Vinu how he liked it. Vinu says that Dr. Satya made him have a lot of fun. He tells her about what Satya did to Sai. Virat says that they met and got into a fight. Vinu says that he is great and good. Sai says that he is stupid. Vinayak says he called you Chikdu, so you’re calling him a fool because he called you Chikdu. Virat feels jealous. Sai says that she is glad that Vinu had a good time at the hospital. They have pizza to celebrate.

Pakhi comes home and is happy that the room is set up. Pakhi tries to find Virat. She sees that Sai’s room is empty and thinks that Virat might listen to her, so she sends Sai. But where are Virat and Vinayak?

Episode ends.

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