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Francis Rochungnunga died in Lawngtlai District, suspending SDO

After Mizoram Lineman Francis Rochungnunga passed away in the Lawngtlai District, SDO was suspend: We regret to inform you that a lineman unfortunately perished in Mizoram, India. After hearing about the unfortunate occurrence in which a Lawngtlai College Veng gave his life while repairing a power line, many who live nearby have left speechless. People who know the dead are asking how the tragedy happened in light of the recent news. What was the victim’s age? Francis Rochungnunga was the victim, according to the report. While mending a power line, lineman Francis Rochungnunga passed away. Please read this article through to the conclusion, and don’t forget to look at the other sections. It is the article where you may get important information on the incident if you’re looking for a detailed one written about it. If you want to more update follow Yojanashakti.

Francis Rochungnunga, a lineman from Mizoram, died

According to reports, Francis Rochungnunga, a Lawngtlai College Veng, was the casualty who passed away while repairing the electricity lines. This incident allegedly occurred in Lawngtlai, Mizoram. This tragedy unintentionally occurred on November 3, 2022, a Thursday, at about 4 o’clock, in the southern section of Lawngtlai Division, Mizoram Power and Electricity Department. In the next section, learn more about the accident from others who were close to the situation.

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People who knew the victim and saw the accident said that on Thursday. While Francis Rochungnunga was mending a high-voltage power line in Lawngtlai town, someone from the control room suddenly turned the power line on. Francis Rochungnunga received high-voltage shocks as a result of that. He was transported to a hospital, but after treat for his accident-related injuries, he pass away.

The primary Lai civil organization in the Lawngtlai area, YLA, staged a protest on November 3 in response to the people’s outrage over the accident (Young Lai Association). The authorities were also requested to investigate the situation and demand that they are held accountable.

However, H. Lalengmawia, the Commissioner and Secretary of the Power and Electricity Department announced on Friday. That “the SDO in the Lawngtlai Power-Sub Division has halted immediately.”

While the neighborhood NGOs sought employment for Francis Rochungnunga wife in the department and financial assistance for the victim’s family. An NGO also called for the Sub-Divisional Officer’s and JE’s resignation. Remain tuned.

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