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February 1, 2023 Faltu written episode update: Faltu confesses Ayaan her feelings

Faltu runs away from the nurse and goes to fulfill Ayaan at the start of the episode. Dadi challenges Janardhan and queries why Kanika paid Tanisha cash for Faltu’s procedure. She claims Kanika and Tanisha are responsible for Ayaan’s predicament and that he abandoned his marriage to save many Faltu. Stop it right away, I already specified to them, the operation is over, and we won’t talk about this, he commands. Dadi queries what will happen when Ayaan becomes serious about fulfilling Faltu. He claims that we will relocate Ayaan once he receives excellent quality tomorrow. As I’m outside of Ayaan’s chamber, Tanisha claims. Sid replies I’ll go there, but I don’t think you want this, and you might be alone yourself. No, she replies; if someone sees you right now, there might be a problem. He claims that if I get some food, you’ll feel better. She responds, “No, I don’t want to eat anything; stay at home.” She makes her choice. Follow our website, yojanashakti.com, for the latest updates!!!!!

Sid says you have the option to decline, but I can’t leave you alone because I need to prove that I’m more capable than Ayaan, and I need to be aware of your plan’s next move. He departs. Tanisha nods off. Faltu cries out in fear of harm. Tanisha looks rounded when she awakens. Calls Tanisha from Sid. Why did you come? She queries. He responds, “I came here for your benefit; just go outside and eat.” Faltu makes an effort to view the ward quantity. Tanisha departs. Faltu claims I would enter any erroneous chamber. She halts just outside Ayaan’s bedroom. She approaches Ayaan and squeezes his hand. She sobs. She recalls their exchanges. Are you able to hear me? Please say anything, she says.

I don’t want to eat, so why did you order it, says Tanisha. Sid says, “I know you might be scared for Ayaan, you can’t leave food, I feel helpless, but I can do it for you as a friend.” She grinned while taking his hand. He beams. She says, “You know what I need and when I need it. I was hungry, but I didn’t want to eat alone in the canteen. I appreciate you getting this. You always come to help me.” She embraces him. Didn’t you have something, she asked. He gives the nod. You might be angry, she says; eat dinner. You eat first, he says. Faltu expresses his regret to Ayaan for hurting his feelings and self-worth. Tanisha expresses gratitude to Sid. I’ll sit in the car, call me if you need anything, and then leave, he says. Again, Tanisha goes. Faltu claims that you may be my spouse because you likely did so much for me, and I remember everything you did for me.

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I couldn’t tell you that you had packed sindoor in my maang. Ayaan will become conscious. She added that I needed your life to get easier, but I had no idea you’d get to this point. Please forgive me; it was all my fault. Tanisha claims I was powerless to stand in the way of Tanisha and you because you had already put up with a lot. It also apologizes for not informing you of her vision loss and for not telling you sooner. In Faltu Tanisha will be startled to see them when she gets there. He strikes his hand, Ayaan. Faltu won’t be caught.

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