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Dheere Dheere Se: The dance video of Bhawana is becoming viral!

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In the upcoming episode of Dheere Dheere Se on Star Bharat, Bhawana takes a stand for herself after confronting her family’s fury. At the same time, Swati becomes desperate to win Raghav’s trust to kick him out of the house. What happens next will be interesting to see. Will Swati be successful in her schemes to harm Raghav? Will Swati succeed in winning Raghav’s confidence? Follow our website, yojanashakti.com, for the latest updates!!!

Aanchal receives remarks from Abhay just as Bhanu furiously recounts the guests’ comments after viewing Bhawana’s dance in the current track. Bhanu threatens him after becoming enraged. Additionally, he pushes him since he doesn’t think a boy and a girl can be friends only. There, Bhawana and Aanchal arrive.

Aanchal questions Bhanu about his actions. Bhawana is shock when Bhanu threatens her. In defense of Aanchal, Bhawana asserts that Abhay is her buddy. Bhawana is taunted and insult by Malini. Who claims she failed to raise Aanchal well. Bhawana responds to Malini appropriately, which infuriates both Malini and Bhanu.

After giving Aanchal the notes, Abhay departs. Swati, meanwhile, resolves to utilize Bhawana’s dancing video to her advantage. Because Abhay appears to be considerate, Bhawana advises Aanchal not to worry. She also counsels her to maintain their friendship. Aanchal begs Bhawana to find a friend with whom she can discuss her issues. Swati starts Bhawana’s dance video, and while Brij Mohan and Savita watch it, they both show dismay.

Raghav stands up for Bhawana, which enrages Brij Mohan, who then reprimands Raghav. Bhanu apologizes to society’s citizens on Bhawana’s behalf. Bhawana justifies her conduct. Raghav is asked to express his sentiments by Swati in front of her.

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Raghav lauds the woman. By falsely accusing Raghav of having an affair with Bhawana, Swati becomes determined to destroy Raghav’s reputation and expel him from Ujjain.

Raghav will assist Bhawana in obtaining an auto rickshaw in the following episode, and it will be seen. Bhawana is getting into an auto rickshaw to go. Thugs will attack Raghav. Raghav will battle alongside them, but he suffers a terrible injury and loses his balance.

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