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Bhawana will get into difficulty, Dheere Dheere Se!

The intriguing drama on Star Bharat’s Dheere Dheere Se is about Bhawana accepting the task set by the blackmailer to save her family. What happens next will be fascinating to see. Will Aanchal, Raghav, and Jagjeevan be successful in their plan? Will Bhawana find out about the scheme of Raghav, Jagjeevan, and Aanchal ? What will Bhawana’s response be when she discovers the truth?

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The current track demonstrates that Bhawana feels pleased when Malini opens the bandage and discovers the impression of the bangles on her hand. Bhanu and Amit reprimand Vidya. Vidya gets resolved to expose Bhawana’s lie. When Raghav encounters Bhawana, the latter refers to the blackmailer by name but says she will handle everything and refuses to tell him anything.

Raghav smiles as their scheme succeeds. Bhawana is confused when Raghav invites her to have coffee in a renowned cafe and later refers to her as a blackmailer; as a result, she declines, but when Raghav threatens her, she agrees. The following morning, Bhawana sneaks out of the home.

She needs help in the cafe. From his cover, Raghav notices her and tells Aanchal and Jagjeevan about it. The success of their scheme makes the three of them happy. Bhanu is startled when he first catches Bhawana at the coffee shop.

In the upcoming episode, it will be demonstrated how Bhawana enters the home quietly but is startled to discover Bhanu waiting for her. Bhanu will only toss flower petals at Bhawana and inquire about her whereabouts. There, Malini and Vidya will show up.

When Bhanu asks Bhawana what occurred, she responds that she went outside to work. She will also inquire whether she made any errors that caused him to become agitated. The aarti plate will be hurled to the ground furiously by Bhanu. Bhawana will watch.

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