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Bhagyalakshmi: Eshwari becomes upset

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The popular show Baakiyalakshmi on Vijay TV always keeps the audience entertained since the show has an exciting and moving forward storyline. The show plot is centered on Gopi plans to sell his house. Ramamoorthy is prepare to sell his property if Gopi does not return the home. Gopi seeks money from Bakkiya. Follow our website, yojanashakti.com, for the latest updates!!!!

Bakkiya has conceded that the money will settled within six months.

In the prior Bhagyalakshmi episode, Jeny delegated Amirtha to bring Eshwari a cup of coffee. Eshwari lashed out against Amirthra in an aggressive manner. Jenny hung around with Nila for a while. Bakkiya approached the management to obtain the catering contract. The manager requested that Bakkiya double the available workers in preparation for the new order.

In today’s episode, Inya receives a note from her classmate and friend Saran, who pays for her tuition. Radhika is perplexed by Inya peculiar behavior, so she questions her. Inya feels her temper rising. As Inya gets distracte by her mobile phone, Radhika encourages her to focus on her studies.

In Bhagyalakshmi, Inya goes inside when Radhika suggests. Bakkiya and her team, on the other hand, are working on the catering contract. Amirthra aids Bakkiya. Bakkiya is exhauste from the never-ending orders for catering. The ladies are hard at work perfecting the catering contract so that it may used for future events. To put things another way,

During Amirtha’s absence, Ezhil is in charge of Nila’s care. When Eshwari calls her grandma, she gets annoye and snaps at her. A friendship develops between Inya and Saran.

Is Bakkiya able to fulfill the catering request? Will Bakkiya find out about the split between Inya and Radhika?

Would Bakkiya comply with the new request? Will Ramamoorthy stand behind Bakkiya in whatever decision she makes?

Will Amirtha provide financial assistance to Ezhil? Would Bakkiya move into a rented house or apartment? Will Cheiyan aid Bakkiya? Will Eshwari consider Amithra?

The forthcoming episodes will answer all these issues, so stay tuned for more information.

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