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Bhagya Lakshmi, Will Abhay confront Neelam?

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Bhagya Lakshmi, a famous show on Zee TV, has a captivating plot that draws viewers in. Karishma and Sonia’s plan-sharing has captivated the audience with their screens.

Malishka, as previously said, arrives and asks Neelam and Karishma if Rishi will wed her. It is given Neelam’s assurance that Rishi will marry her. She is being suspected by Neelam, who tells her that she feels insecure. Malishka means Neelam. She is only alive because she has faith in him. Follow our website, yojanashakti.com, for the latest updates!!!!!

Malishka questions Rishi about what makes him unique in choosing the right man for Lakshmi. According to Rishi, Lakshmi is the best, and there is no woman like her. Malishka questions Rishi about whether he would have wed Lakshmi had he not married her. Rishi says nothing.

As a result of Kiran, Abhay learns what took place. Why would Rishi want to perform Lakshmi’s marriage? Asks Abhay to Kiran. Malishka visits Abhay and expresses her despair over Lakshmi’s return to the Oberoi home. Consoling Malishka is Kiran. Malishka has Abhay’s word that he would take action against Lakshmi.

In the forthcoming episode, viewers will see Virendra state that Lakshmi will bear everything because her principles are such, but not her bau ji. Rishi declares that he will die before letting anything terrible happen to Lakshmi, but he will give her the happiness she deserves.

Lakshmi embraces Viren. Virendra sobs as he tells Lakshmi that even though he tried to protect her as a loving father, his heart also aches when she weeps. Cry from Lakshmi. Abhay asks Neelam to provide the wedding’s official end date.

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Will Rishi and Lakshmi reconcile? What is Karishma’s strategy to harm Lakshmi?
The upcoming episodes will address each of these queries.

Keep checking this space for fresh, exclusive updates to learn what will happen next in your favorite show.

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