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Ayla Malik Nawab and Imran Khan Se*x Tape Leaks

A purported audio recording of Imran Khan has circulating on various social media platforms, and its authenticity has question. The two individuals are overheard carrying on a se*xually suggestive conversation. As a result of the leaking of this audio recording, former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan finds himself in a precarious position. In the unpleasant recording, Imran Khan can hear calling a woman who is not identified and inviting her to a meeting. The conversation takes place over the phone. Follow our website, yojanashakti.com, for the latest updates!!!!!

Inappropriate Language Heard on the Leaked Audio of Imran Khan

Hackers have been able to collect phone records of a variety of politicians. It also have responsible for a lot of audio leaks that have occurred since a very long time ago. The Islamic Republic of Pakistan has left in a state of shock following the most recent call recording leak among all of those. In the conversation tape, Imran Khan can hear chatting with a woman who remains anonymous and requesting a meeting for the same day. However, she denies his request. She tells him they should meet the next day if her health permits, and he agrees. He responds when his family arrives to meet him and tells her that he will validate her allegation.

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He pledged to make their plans as complex as possible to talk to that woman. According to the leaked audio of Imran Khan. It seems as though the two of them are having an “adu*lt chat.”

Pakistani journalist Syed Ali Haider uploaded these unauthorized recordings of call conversations to his channel on YouTube. One of the Pakistani journalists, Naila Inayat, tweeted the following about the rumored leaks of se*xually explicit phone calls:

According to the purportedly intercepted se*xual call, Imran Khan is now going by the name Imran Hashmi

The leaked call tape that Imran Khan had with an unidentified woman has not public discuss by any of Khan’s acquaintances or associates. Users of the internet and a variety of journalists are commenting on various social media platforms. Others are degrading and condemning the previous Prime Minister, while others insist that the audios are fabricate.

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