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Another leak of PM Imran Khan chat with a UNKNOWN woman

Imran Khan and a woman are having an “Adul*T Conversation” on the call recording that went viral.

The former Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan is once more the subject of negative coverage. In the purportedly viral call audio that has outraged the Islamic nation, the former Pakistani prime minister can hear having vulgar discussions with an unnamed woman over the phone. According to sources, Imran Khan can hear having an “adult conversation” with a woman in the viral call tape. Imran Khan’s call recording became viral after share by Pakistani journalist Syed Ali Haider on his YouTube channel. For more of these updates and the most recent and popular news worldwide, follow Yojanashakti.

There are various women in both audios. According to social media, the tape refers to a former female MP. A female MP from Imran Khan PTI party is involve in the conversations. She is a Central Committee member, indicating her standing within PTI. Imran is sending this woman explicit texts. The tale in this podcast is old. In the second tape, a woman declines Imran Khan’s invitation to meet with her and states that she cannot do so.

What Takes Place In Audio Viral’s 4 Min. 50 Sec.?

She also calls herself Imran Khan on the recording. Imran Khan, what do you think of me? she queries. I can’t come because I’m hurt. The woman told Imran to come back the next day when he insisted on this. Imran responds that, as a result, he will need to change his entire strategy. The arrival of his children was also mention. This recording is believe to be current because Imran’s kids, Suleman and Qasim, had only recently arrived in Pakistan.

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In Pakistan, Imran Khan’s audio went viral

Imran Khan’s adversaries in Pakistan would indeed have the chance to corner him after the release of this recording. Imran’s audio has previously been well-known. That audio, meanwhile, was more about politics than it was about any se*x discussion. Shahbaz Sharif, the Pakistani prime minister, had a famous audio clip before Imran. He discusses the political cost of importing machinery from India in this audio clip from his Prime Minister’s Office.

Imran Khan
Imran Khan

According to several Pakistani news websites, the tape is allegedly from Pakistan’s PMO. In addition, Pakistani journalists have accused Imran Khan of engaging in an adult conversation with a lady. Pakistani writer Naila Inayat posted on Twitter, “Imran Khan has become Emraan Hashmi in the purported se*x call viral.”

An individual from Pakistan sent me a video from the Syed Ali Haider Official YouTube account, which a Pakistani journalist manages, according to Retd Major Gaurav Arya, a defense expert. In the most recent footage, you can purportedly hear ImranKhanPTI and two women talking on the phone.

Netizens React To Imran Khan’s Call Going Viral After Imran Khan’s supposedly taped call became public, netizens began tweeting about their thoughts in their distinctive ways.

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