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All Episodes of Kitaab Ka Raaz Voovi Web Series to View Online

On the official Voovi app, you can view every episode of the web series Kitaab Ka Raaz. Fans and reviewers alike praised the web series for its presentation. Two more episode of the comedy-drama serie were broadcast on December 24, 2022. Fans used to adore the Voovi web series for their captivating acts and engaging storytelling in different web series. Follow our website, yojanashakti.com, for the latest updates!!!!

Ridhima Tiwari, Sana Asundi, and Arpita Das were choose as the main characters in the web series. The five to six web series Kitaab Ka Raaz segments last 20 to 25 minutes each.

On the Voovi App, you can view every episode of the web series online. Ayushi Jaiswal, Paromita Dey, Rekha Mona Sarkar and Muskan Agarwal starred in the previous web series Chaar Sahelian published by Voovi App.

Ridhima Tiwari, Star of the Online Series

Asundi Sana
Saini Fortunate Shivam Verma
Ingrid Das
Bhardwaj, Sanjay
Richard Gupta

Synopsis of the web series Kitaab Ka Raaz

Sana Asundi opens the third installment of the web series by reading the book and daydreaming about the situation. The web series centers on surreal fiction in which every reader discovers their part in the book.

After reading the book’s chapter about her sibling Ridhima Tiwari, Sana Asundi became frightened. When Ridhima Tiwari was confronted by her sister, she revealed that she had hiding the novel in the closet.

It’s encouraging to see web series producers come up with fresh concepts. The goal is to create web series as ridiculous as possible to draw in viewers. The following Friday, new segments of the online television show Kitaab Ka Raaz will released.

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The lengthy Kitaab Ka Raaz web series was create using Riddima Tiwari’s endearing features and expressiveness. With her expressive visage and attitude, the actress won the competition. Ridhima Tiwari will undoubtedly appear more frequently in forthcoming web series on various platforms.

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