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A video leaks Kim Kardashian and Ray J’s voicemails.

In a video together, Kim Kardashian and Ray J Candice Owens is reported to have made public the audio message. Kim Kardashian is said to have given to Ray J almost 10 years ago. According to alleged voicemail leaks, Candice Owens made this communication public. In the message, he first alluded to the former couple by using the words “sick” and “disgusting,”. Then he called Whitney Houston “the old man.”

Even though I don’t know how Candice Owens got the sound. I felt compelled to play it on the most recent episode of her podcast, where she talks about how the Kardashians use black men. “The recording on the most recent episode of Candice Owens’ podcast made me feel like I had to play it. They would have traveled to their current location before he ” left” them in the sand. Follow For Updated News yojanashakti.

Kim Kardashian Viral Video

Owens remarked that some tapes surfaced of Kim Kardashian talking trash. She was not always the cute little Kim K she presents herself as now. The fact that he rants at Ray J and refers to Whitney Houston as an idiot is problematic. […] She is the polar opposite of the Kim Kardashian persona that your children adored.

After that, he told the people there that the recording they were listening to just a sample of the finished product, which wasn’t yet available to the public.

On the tape, a female voice believed to belong to Kim Kardashian can heard saying, “I honestly think you are a sick person.”

You are not motivated, so you will do anything to get people’s attention.

You’re so repulsive. You are in such bad shape; a crack is not going to help your condition at all. Have a good time with that old crone, Whitney.

When we first heard about the feud between the Kim Kardashian and Ray J, our first thought that it could not possibly become any more public at this time. It would imply that things have recently become much more difficult regarding their relationship.

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