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A Car Accident Killed Four Marshalltown School Students

Four Marshalltown School students perished in a car accident; teenagers named:

Four high school kids lost their lives in a horrific vehicle accident in Marshalltown, and the news is sending shockwaves across the internet. We regret to inform you that an automobile accident in Marshalltown on Friday night resulted in the deaths of four pupils. The Iowa State Patrol and other emergency services arrived on the scene as soon as they were notified of the situation. The accident victims, however, were unable to revive. What were the victims’ names? When did the accident happen, and what caused it? It would be best if you learned more about some questions in the following sections of this text. Read more about this accident in the areas that are located below. If you want to more update follow Yojanashakti.

Accidentally, four Marshalltown School students passed away

According to the report, the car accident near Marshalltown occurred at 11:12 a.m. The collision featured four young victims. The district says, “Among the lost students are three from Miller Middle School and one from Marshalltown High School.” To learn more about the circumstances leading up to the disaster, the detectives are still looking into the occurrence. What were the victims’ names? Learn more about this in the following section. Scroll the screen down.

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The victims were identify as Isacc Lara, 16, Adrian Lara, 13, Yanitza Lopez, 17, and Linette Lopez, 15, by Marshalltown Chief of Police Michael Tupper. Michael Tupper added, “Our thoughts are with the families of Lara and Lopez. It is tragic for our entire neighborhood. We are confident that the community will rally around everyone who is impact.

The district reports that among the missing children are four from Miller Middle School and one from Marshalltown High School. Both Adrian and Isaac Lara and Linette and Yanitza Lopez were siblings. The student’s family, friends, and the entire school community are in our prayers and thoughts.

According to reports, a candlelight vigil was planned for Saturday at 6:30 at St. Henry’s Church on 211 West Olive Street in Marshalltown. Additionally, they were launched on Saturday morning to raise money for the victims’ relatives. By Saturday morning, the Lopez family’s Gofundme had raised $12,691 in two fundraising initiatives, and the Lara family had raised $10,090. According to the reports, the district will reportedly offer family and friends mental health support throughout the week. Keep checking this website for updates and other information.

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