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Imlie Written Episode Update, February 6, 2023: Atharva is discouraged by Imlie’s response

Imlie sixth Written Episode, a Written Replacement for February 2023

Imlie’s mehandi cone is snatch away by Chini, who claims that according to tradition, only brides and married women can apply mehendi. Since Imlie doesn’t treat Atharva like a real husband and wife, she is not permitt to do so. Imlie advises her to stop adhering to archaic customs and enjoy the present. Keya claims she is disrespecting their tradition. Imlie inquires about her understanding of what “custom” in Hindi implies.

Keya is at a loss for words. She claims that while mehandi does not distinguish between persons when applied to a daughter, a parent, or anybody else, parampara is design to spread happiness. Everyone acknowledges Imlie with a smile. She is correct, the mehndi artist adds, and she will put the most beautiful designs on her hand. Rupali claims she enjoys her company. Shivani hand is covered in Mehandi at Imlie’s insistence. Shivani gives her her first genuine smile. Follow our website, yojanashakti.com, for the latest updates!!!!!

When Chini sees it, she becomes envious and informs Anu that she knows how to handle Imlie. She decorates her hand with mehendi. Imlie is once again grabbed by Chini, who claims she is not a suhagan. She requests that the man doing her mehendi write her lover’s name in Hindi. After glancing at Atharva, she says A. Imlie’s hand is inscribed with Atharva name by another mehndi artist. Who claims to know that Imlie is Atharva’s husband. Imlie and Atharva, according to Arpita, are her favorite couple since they are both so attractive. Upon viewing Atharva’s title on her hand, Imlie would become emotional. Abhishek’s title appears on Chini’s palm, and she screams and attempts to wipe it off. Atharva queries whether a claim is false. Chini claims that spelling mistakes exist. Abhishek makes sure everything is okay.

Imlie sixth Written Episode

Imlie’s tears are notice by Atharva, who assures her that she will able to remove his title. She thinks it’s fine because it’s customary, her husband name is already put down. She is happy to write her friend’s name. Atharva writes Imlie’s title on his palm and claims that she breaks all of the rituals. The track Dheeme Dheeme Dil Dhadke is playing in the background. That will make Chini envious.

After some time, Chini asks She why she didn’t remove Arto’s title from her hand. Imlie claims that Arto is a close buddy. Chini queries why she doesn’t spare Arto despite her love for him over friendship. Imlie remains still. Chini urges her to accept reality and queries the point at which she transformed into Arto’s close buddy. Arto pays them attention. Chini accuses Imlie of having to stay with Arto rather than helping him go on. She won’t say if she loves Arto or not. No, says Imlie.

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Atharva wonders why he is startled that Imlie doesn’t love him and then turns to go while still feeling broke. He claims that besides Atharva’s affection, she has no other relationships. Chini despises everyone and will kill everyone to achieve happiness. She forewarns Chini that she views the Rana family as her own and won’t allow her to cast nasty glances their way. Chini is standing furious. After some time, She looks at her mehendi and realizes she wants to get rid of Atharva’s name from her heart but cannot. She believes that because she loves Atharva so much, she has become burdened, unable to handle much weight, etc. She continues her lengthy conversations because she believes there is only one way to put an end to everything.

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