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8th February 2023 for Anupama Written update: Paritosh is getting hospital treatment.

Leela laments the fact that Paritosh is their son in today’s episode. Samar decides to see Paritosh. Stops Samar is Vanraj. Vanraj is asked to see Paritosh by Paritosh assistant because something has occurred to him. The dude is lying, in Vanraj’s opinion. He requests that he inform Paritosh that his draa will no longer function. The assistant of Paritosh begs Shahs to think that anything has occurred to Paritosh. In the Anupama, he decides to call the doctor. Vanraj and the others are speechless. Follow our website, yojanashakti.com, for the latest updates!!!!

If Anu loves her three children, Maya queries. She clarifies that she also adores Anu. She claims she will immediately be aware if anything terrible happens to the kids. Maya claims that she can comprehend. She becomes uneasy and believes something is wrong. What happened? Maya queries Anu. She claims she is agitate. The Shahs check Paritosh. They are shock to see Paritosh unconscious on the road.

Anupama Written Update of February 8, 2023

Rushing Paritosh to the hospital. Leela is concerned about Paritosh because he appeared to be OK before leaving the house. Leela is urged to relax by Hasmuk. Samar, Kinjal, Vanraj, and Kavya are concerned for Paritosh. She becomes agitated. She learns about Paritosh from Samar. Vanraj queries the physician about Paritosh’s condition. The doctor declines to comment until he has read the reports. Whatever has happened, he continues, is not good. Leela and Hasmuk arrive at the hospital.

She wails in agony. Why is Anupama crying? Anuj queries. She informs Paritosh that he is hospitaliz. She is rush to the hospital by Anuj. Paritosh should see a doctor. Hasmuk holds Vanraj as he sobs. Adhik chooses to purchase the medication. Kinjal is aske to leave by Vanraj. Although Kinjal claims to disappointe with Paritosh, she cannot abandon him.

Vanraj and Anupama

When Anu had horrible intuition, she regretted not phoning Samar. Assisting Anupama is Anuj. Doctor Paritosh is examine. She enters the hospital and is take aback. Vanraj cries out. She queries Vanraj about what transpired. Paritosh was OK, according to Vanraj, until they suddenly became unconscious. He continues by saying that he could have understood if Paritosh had been in an accident or given a medical diagnosis. Vanraj claims that he is unable to see Paritosh as he is unconscious. She asks God to grant Paritosh a quick recovery.

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Vanraj and Anupama both cry. Leela accuses Anupama. She claims that by sobbing for Paritosh, Anupama is acting. Leela claims that she disowned Paritosh when he needed her. Leela is ask to play the blame game later by Hasmuk, Anuj, and Kavya. As Paritosh’s recovery consciousness is crucial, she asks Leela to bring charges against her later.

About Anu, Kavya queries Anuj. Anuj claims that Anu has Maya and Dimple. About Pari, Anuj inquires. Pakhi is with Pari, Kavya informs her. Anuj helps Vanraj. Kavya consoles Kinjal, Anupama, and Vanraj. If a parent’s curse affects children, Vanraj queries Anupama. Vanraj is urged to relax by Anupama. Vanraj and Anupama are encourage to unwind by Anuj. [End of Episode]

Anuj and Maya decide to drop Anu off at school. After learning that Paritosh suffered a paralytic attack, Anupama faints.

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